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Board Members

The Board is composed of five members who serve three-year terms. Members are elected by the voters in the district to establish policy and direct the administration of our school. As your representatives, the Board exercises the community's rights to citizen control over public education. Every Board of Education in the State of New Jersey has legal and financial control over local school matters, subject only to limitations imposed by the United States Constitution, Federal Law, State Law, regulations of the Commissioner of Education, and, of course, the will of local residents as expressed in local elections.

Bill Reyes, President

Committees:   Curriculum, Buildings and Grounds, School Improvement, Personnel and Negotiations 
Profession:  Mr. Reyes is a Recruit Supervisor at Cumberland County College in Vineland, NJ. He is also a local realtor.
Family:   Mr. Reyes and his wife have a daughter and a son.
Email:  breyes@myronlpowell.org






Cheryl Saunders Rodman, Vice President

Committees: Committees:  Curriculum, School Improvement, Personnel
Profession: Profession:  Mrs. Rodman is a nurse.
Family: Family:  Mr. and Mrs. Rodman have a daughter and son
Email: crodman@myronlpowell.org




Ed Cox, Board Member

Committees: Building and Grounds and Transportation 
Profession:  Mr. Cox is an HVAC Consultant
Family: Mr. Cox and his wife have four daughters.
Email:  ecox@myronlpowell.org




Misty Sheppard, Board Member







Linda Miletta, Board Member 






Lisa Dinovi, Business Administrator
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Chip Scharnagl Business Office Secretary
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