225 Main Street
Cedarville, NJ 08311
Phone: 856-447-4237
Fax: 856-447-3446


HIB Information


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mrs. H. Burkhart

856-447-4237 ext. 5600

School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Miss Lauren Kocher

856-447-4237 ext. 5036



Staff Directory



Under Construction


Title  (click for website) Name Email  (click for email) Ext.
Chief School Administrator Magan, Shelleymarie  smagan@myronlpowell.org 856-447-4237
Business Administrator DiNovi, Lisa ldinovi@myronlpowell.org 5690
Supervisor of Assessment,
Curriculum, and Student Services
Burkhart, Heather  hburkhart@myronlpowell.org 5600

Main Office Staff

Title Name Email  (click for email) Ext.
Superintendent's Secretary Sterling, Kristin ksterling@myronlpowell.org 5700
School Secretary Wolfe, Maryann  mwolfe@myronlpowell.org 5270

Business Office Staff

Title Name Email  (click for email) Ext.
Business Office Assistant Scharnagl, Chip cscharnagl@myronpowell.org 5670
  Dillahey, Stacy s dillahey@myronlpowell.org 5680

Support Staff

Title Name Email  (click for email) Ext.
Nurse Pierce, Nalyn n pierce@myronlpowell.org 5370
Guidance Counselor Cox, Kelly kcox@myronlpowell.org 5036
Positive Behavior Teacher Rennick, Sarah srennick@myronlpowell.org 5580

Support Staff (Other)

Title Name Email  (click for email) Ext.
Attendance/Registration Cook, Jackie jcook@myronlpowell.org 5290
SOS Teacher McCulskey, Terry t mcculskey@myronlpowell.org 5581

Child Study Team

Title Name Email  (click for email) Ext.
Supervisor & School Psychologist Culver, Eileen eculver@myronlpowell.org 5420
School Psychologist Yavorsky, Kailtin kyavorsky@myronlpowell.org  
Social Worker Costello, Katherine kcostello@myronlpowell.org  
Speech Language Specialist Levick, Paula plevick@myronlpowell.org  


Grade  (click for website) Name Email (click for email) Ext.
Preschool Spinelli, Elizabeth  espinelli@myronlpowell.org  5103
Preschool Gilson, Amy agilson@myronlpowell.org  5102
Preschool Korman, Lucy lkorman@myronlpowell.org 5010
Preschool Serrano, Candi cserrano@myronlpowell.org 5008
Preschool McCuen, Briana bmccuen@myronlpowell.org 5101
Preschool Master Teacher Martin, Cynthia cmartin@myronlpowell.org 5194
Kindergarten Merlock, Shannon  smerlock@myronlpowell.org  5014
Kindergarten Hitchner, Melissa mhitchner@myronlpowell.org 5002
Kindergarten Bland, Denise dbland@myronlpowell.org 5009
1st Grade Parvin, Stefanie sparvin@myronlpowell.org 5007
1st Grade Scott, Brittany bscott@myronlpowell.org 5005
1st Grade Fenimore, Kaileigh  kfenimore@myronlpowell.org 5006
2nd Grade Amrhein, Dawn damrhein@myronlpowell.org   5003
2nd Grade Yannerella, Melissa  myannerella@myronlpowell.org  5006
3rd Grade Dougherty, Hannah h dougherty@myronlpowell.org 5023
3rd Grade Hopkins, Ruthann  rhopkins@myronlpowell.org    5004
4 th and 5th Grade Language Arts Ryan, Anne aryan@myronlpowell.org 5042
4th Science / Social S tudies Gillies, Lori  lgillies@myronlpowell.org   5020
4th Grade Math Dutch, James  jdutch@myronlpowell.org  5031
4th Grade  Language Arts Radcliffe, Chiara  cradcliffe@myronlpowell.org  5030
5th Grade Kuhn, Leanne lkuhn@myronlpowell.org 5047
5th Grade ELA Krachun, Jaclyn  jkrachun@myronlpowell.org  5043
6th, 7th & 8th Grade  Language Arts Krueger, Amy  akrueger-offenbacker@myronlpowell.org  5021
5th Grade Social Studies & Science Mazzagatti, Nick nmazzagatti@myronlpowell.org 5037
6th & 7th Grade Mathematics Mullin, Eileen emullin@myronlpowell.org 5037
6 th Science & STEAM Hearn, Jennifer  jhearn@myronlpowell.org  5022
7th Grade Mathematics Pfeiffer, Vickie vpfeiffer@myronlpowell.org 5040
K -1st Grade Self-Contained Saylor, Amber asylor@myrollpowell.org 5011
6 th, 7th, & 8th Grade Language Arts Chambers, Nina  nchambers@myronlpowell.org  5039
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Science  Tomlin, Patrick  ptomlin@myronlpowell.org  5057
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies  Thomas, Joan  jthomas@myronlpowell.org  5018
Art   Gross, Kathryn  kgross@myronlpowell.org  5730
Health & Physical Education & Spanish Konschak, Jillian jkonschak@myronlpowell.org 5300
Health & Physical Education Williams, Robert  rwilliams@myronlpowell.org  5540
Music Bell, Linda  lbell@myronlpowell.org  5710
Technology Sharpless, Jennifer jsharpless@myronlpowell.org 5055
Child Study Team      
  Director Child Study Team Culver, Eileen eculver@myronlpowell.org  5420
  School Social Worker Costello, Katherine kcostello@myronlpowell.org  5350
  Speech Language Specialist Levick, Paula plevick@myronlpowell.org  5340
  CST Secretary Gutierrez, Carolyn  cgutierrez@myronlpowell.org  5341
General, Inclusion / In-Class Resource Math Palmentieri, Alex  apalmentieri@myronlpowell.org  5042
Guidance Counselor Cox, Kelly  kcox@myronlpowell.org  5036
ESL / RTI Hancock, Melissa  mhancock@myronlpowell.org  5025
RTI  Beasley, Crystal  cbeasley@myronlpowell.org   5045
RTI Colson, Lori lcolson@myronlpowell.org 5045
Resource Room Olsen, Ashley a olsen@myronlpowell.org 5011
  Cook, Jacqueline jcook@myronlpowell.org  5290
  Dawkins, Collymore cdawkins@myronlpowell.org 5490
  Foster, Lisa   5320
  Huey-Battle, Shiara   5660
  Leadbeater, Alicia aleadbeater@myronlpowell.org 5320
  Lore, Michelle mlore@myronlpowell.org 5195
2nd-4th Grade Resource Room Ganci, Kelsi kganci@myronlpowell.org 5012
Instructional Aide Birkenstock, Kelly kbirkenstock@myronlpowell.org 5191
Instructional Aide DelCollo, Shannon sdelcollo@myronlpowell.org 5192
Instructional Aide Fazio, Alice afazio@myronlpowell.org 5098
Instructional Aide Fazio, Alyssa alyfazio@myronlpowell.org 5094
Instructional Aide Fenimore, Kaileigh kfenimore@myronlpowell.org 5193
Instructional Aide Grusemeyer, Stephanie sgrusemeyer@myronlpowell.org 5190
Instructional Aide Humphreys, Jennifer jhumphreys@myronlpowell.org 5097
Instructional Aide      
Instructional Aide Konschak, Renee rkonschak@myronlpowell.org 5099
Instructional Aide Poppert, Whitney wpoppert@myronlpowell.org 5094
Instructional Aide Riland, Anne ariland@myronlpowell.org 5096
Instructional Aide Riland, Keli kriland@myronlpowell.org 5091
  Samuels, Chris csamuels@myronlpowell.org 5450
  Dillahey, Stacy sdillahey@myronlpowell.org 5680
Business Office Assistant  Scharnagl, Chip cscharnagl@myronlpowell.org 5670
Secretary for Superintendent Sterling, Kristin ksterling@myronlpowell.org 5700
  Wynn, Kerry kwynn@myronlpowell.org 5093
  Yacabell, Cathy cyacabell@myronlpowell.org 5092
SOS Teacher McCulskey, Terry tmcculskey@myronlpowell.org 5581
Positive Behavioral Specialist Young, Kevin kyoung@myronlpowell.org 5581
Positive Behavior Teacher Rennick, Sarah srennick@myronlpowell.org 5580
Nurse Pierce, Nalyn npierce@myronlpowell.org 5370
Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds Brown, Eric  ebrown@myronlpowell.org 5360