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8th Grade Career and Budget Project
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Remote Learning Due To Emergency School Closing

March 17th- March 23rd Cycle 1 (5 days). These were given to the students on Friday, March 13th.

Algebra- IXL Assignment

7th Grade- IXL Assignment

6th Grade- IXL Assignment


March 24th- April 9th: Students will log on to their Google Classroom accounts. They will login to their Google Classroom the same way they do at school. If your child was absent on Monday, March 16th, then they will have to join their math class by adding a class (+ sign in the top right corner) and using their class code:                                   6th Grade- mb4moro; 7th Grade- ofobrrn; Algebra-73nci6c. 

All assignments will be posted to each student's Class. The Assignments are going to be completed through the Khan Academy Website. I will attach a link under the assignments for the students to click on that will take them right to the website. If your child was absent on Monday, March 16th, then they will login using their Google Account. They will need to click on their grade level and then click continue. They will also have to add their birth date. If you have any trouble, you can email me and I will walk you through the steps. 

The assignments will be broken up by days and posted on the classwork page on Google Classroom. When students click on the link for Khan Academy, they will login and they will be able to see notifications for their assignments as well. Included in the lessons are videos, practice exercises, quizzes, and tests. Students are encouraged to watch the videos completely (even more than once if necessary), look at sample problems, write down all of their work, and research further if necessary ( YouTube and Teacher tube are excellent resources). Again, if they get stuck they can email me: vpfeiffer@myronlpowell.org.